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2 Apr 2011

Winning Moments of India in final, The ICC Cricket World Cup Champion 2011: Photos

Here you go, one and a half month of electrifying cricket action finally comes to its climax and the team India becomes the new champion of the world cricket. Congratulations, INDIA!!! You really deserve this cup. The road to final was not easy, and after stumbling few times in the group stage, you showed the determination of a champion by defeating Australia and Pakistan. Sri Lanka was one tough competitor, and chasing 270 odd runs in final under pressure was one hell challenge, but you did it. This is one team that knows how to fight and live up every challenge. Something we could not see in earlier version of India's world cup teams.

Cosmic Cricket finds out some pictures of wonderful final winning moments of team India and fans over Internet. World Cup is a big gift for any Indian cricket lovers, and the joy and the excitement will last for long time in the future. 




Big Applauds to the legendary Coach Gary Kirsten!!!

Historical Moments 

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