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22 May 2011

Cricket Vs Football: Which is the best sport?

Some useless minds have nothing to do but criticize others. I don't know what their problem is but they have certainly crossed the level of stupidity. Here is one facebook page that is meant to show how superior football as a sport is by criticizing cricket (click link here!!). Now, I could have answered them back in their own page but for that I needed to "like" their page, and being a true follower of cricket, my instinct didn't allow me to do so. Here I want to clarify that I am not against football. Football is a great game, just like cricket. But saying hatred words against cricket is not justifiable. 

First, cricket and football are sports of different styles. They can't be compared within the same league. Some people claim that cricket is way too long and boring. Football is shorter and more interesting. To say frankly, I never feel football is interesting. I couldn't watch that 90 mins of match where a single ball is being kicked so many times from one post to another. The only interesting part is when there is a goal, and I prefer to watch a replay rather than waiting for it to happen. Instead, I find that 7 hours of ODI cricket more electrifying than 90 mins of football. It's interesting to see if the batsman is going to hit the next ball to six or the bowler will take his bails off with a yorker. The T20 is in someway the supplement for those who want short and fast paced cricket, but I don't think cricket can be much enjoyable by shortening it further, lets say 5 overs each. 

I won't compare the two sports any further because that would be an insult for all true sport lovers. I respect football as millions of people all around the world like it. One thing that is good about cricket is that it carries a national value among the followers.

Unlike football where fans are more loyal to the clubs than the national sides (except during the world cup), cricket fans are emotionally attached to their national teams during all international clashes. IPL is purely a commercial format for entertainment purpose, and thus should be consider as exception. 

Lastly, cricket is a game totally different from football. There are loyal cricket fans who watch each ball being delivered in a test cricket without blinking their eyes. There are loyal cricket fans who run on the cricket ground naked, and there are loyal cricket fans who go crazy when Yuvraj hit 6 sixes off 6 balls from Broad. Passion to cricket can't be measured by comparing with fans from different sports. They all are special. 

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