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22 Apr 2010

Will Afghanistan create a miracle in T20 World Cup 2010?

Most of you might easily rule out Afghanistan's chance of winning the T20 world cup (including me), but this team can cause some upsets to the stronger counterparts. T20 is the format with high level of uncertainty of win-loss. It depends greatly upon the performance of the team on the particular day and even a single player is capable of turning a table to his team's favor. Though Afghanistan is a newbie in the International cricket, their achievements in the recent activities can not be underestimated. They have a great pool of talented players specialized for T20 format. They are young and aggressive, and have a potential to hit a long shot over boundary.

Watch out for this man!!

This is the star performer of Afghanistani squad, the vice-captain, Mohammad Nabi. He is the allrounder, a fierce attacking batsman, and equally dominating bowler. He is undoubtedly, the pick of the players to watch. Besides him, Nowroz Mangal, Hamid Hassan and Raees Ahmadzai will be equally delightful to watch playing. This team has adopted the Pakistani cricket style, and we know how great Pakistan is in world cricket.

Let's analyze the group Afghanistan is in. It has shared a group C with South Africa and India. Undoubtedly, the counterparts are reigning supremos in the world cricket, and India has already won T20 world cup. Afghanistan seems to have no hope of making to the next stage, but wait, this is T20. I have no doubt that India and South Africa would have crushed Afghanistan relentlessly if it's ODI or TEST, but not in T20. Experience can be the only asset Afghanistan do not have at this moment, but they have calibre to play a competitive cricket. What they need to do is to attack with confidence.

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