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25 Jan 2011

USA makes the road to WCL Division 2 look difficult

This is not the first time Americans fail unexpectedly. They had similar experiences in division 5 and division 4 as well. The USA, though quite strong side, repeatedly performs weak performances in  matches that it should have won comfortably. In WCL division 5 held in Kathmandu, Americans seem to be invincible before they were stopped by Singaporeans. Losing final against Nepal may not be as surprising as the earlier defeat, as Nepal had defeated America before as well, but noone had expected the match to be dominated by one team.

(Image Courtesy: EspnCricinfo )

Americans had shown their inconsistency again in WCL Division 4 in Italy. Despite being the clear favourite for winning the tournament, they failed against Italy and opened the qualification path for Italians. Nepal was favourite to advance to Division 3 along with America, but that win for Italy closed the way for others to qualify. Nepal too lost an easy match against Tanzania.

Now, the history repeats itself in Division 3. When the Americans won their first match against Hong Kong, it seems like the road to Divison 2 would be very easy for them. But they lost the next two matches agasint Denmark and Papua New Guinea, and now, the same road looks very difficult. The USA side will be tested tomorrow in a must win match against Oman. Oman is second in the point table with 2 wins, and one more win will be enough for the Omanis to qualify. The run rate can be crucial for the qualificaition decision.


Today's match results:

1) Oman Vs Italy

Italy: 240/8
Oman: 244/9                      Oman won by 1 wicket

2) USA Vs Papua New Guinea
USA: 44 all out
PNG: 45/3                    PNG won by 7 wickets

3) Hong Kong Vs Denmark

Denmark: 102 all out
Hong Kong: 105/3     Hong Kong won by 7 wickets.

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