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13 Feb 2011

Afghanistan: On the verge of becoming a test team

Afghanistan should be given a test status
It sounds like a fairy tale, but it is a reality for Afghanistan in the world of cricket. Afghanistan rise in cricket is extraordinary, and is a motivational example for the young cricket teams. It was not until 2001 that the world knew Afghanistan as a cricketing nation,
but simply, no body believed that this team get any achievement in the international level. For the initial couple of years, Afghanistan team failed in all major competitions. But, they became strong with every failure they had and kept on improving their standards. Afghanistan rose slowly, winning each and every battle they had in front to reach to the position they are now.

Afghanistan capitalized the chances they had. They broke the dominance of the nations like UAE and Hong Kong in the Asia region. Afghanistan started to impress internationally by winning World Cricket League Divisions to qualify for ICC world cup qualifier event. They never showed like they were newbie against the top associates and won big matches against them. Though they failed to qualify for the world cup 2011, they still got the ODI status. In this way, Afghanistan became the first affiliate country to receive ODI status. Afghanistan is still not an associate country.

Afghanistan sudden rise in cricket amazed every cricket lovers. Afghanistan proved that it was not a fluke by winning the ACC T20 Trophy in 2009 and ACC Elite Trohy in 2010. But, the major success in the cricketing history of Afghanistan came when they won the ICC World T20 qualifier in 2010 by defeating Ireland to qualify for ICC World T20 cup in the same year. This was not the end of their successful carnival. They became the ICC Intercontinental Champion as well. The seed that they had shown in 2001 is now become a big tree.

Afghanistan's success in the international area is undoubtedly a huge achievement and thus, they should be rewarded by giving test status. Afghanistan  also has a huge fan following, so ICC should definitely consider every point and allow this young team to wear white uniform and play against teams like Australia and India. 

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