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11 Feb 2011

After super sensational U-19 cricket

Sorry to be out of updates in this blog..I had some busy time last whole week, so had not enough time to cover the updates about ACC U-19 cricket. However, I had been awaken whole night till 7 a.m. in the morning to catch the live scorecard of the final between Afghanistan and Nepal.
Nepal had the great half of the first inning by not allowing Afghanistan to score freely. But Afghanistan played really superb at the later part of the inning to score 200 runs. That's rather the best example of patient batting from the wonderful Afghani team, congrats for winning the ACC U-19 trophy. Nepal should be disappointed for the easy submission at the end.

                                        (Image Courtesy: Asian Cricket Council )

So, both the teams are selected for the U-19 world cup qualifier to be held in July this year. Afghanistan and Nepal will face the qualifiers from other continents to get the final 6 positions for the U19 world cup. Namibia, Kenya, Scotland, Ireland, Papua New Guinea and Vunatu are other teams already selected for the qualifier tournament. The other two participants will be decided after the conclusion of American region selection matches. Both Asian teams should be favorite to qualify for the world cup and who knows, these two teams will be on the top of the qualification round again. Afghanistan and Nepal might meet again in the qualifier and they have one more chance to prove their supremacy. July is not far, so looking forward to this exciting tournament.

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