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19 Feb 2011

Virat Kohli: making of the best batsman

It is quite early to reign him as one of the best batsmen in the cricket history, but he has a great potential to become one of them. Virat Kohli is the latest star added to the star- studded India team, where likes of master Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag are already to the top.
To make his presense felt in such a high prolific team itself is a great achievement and Virat Kohli did it more than once. Virat Kohli proves himself valuable, whenever the team demands and he performed when his peers failed. He showed consistency and temperament in his batting, and he achieved the respectable position in Indian batting line up after his series of impressive innings.

Virat Kohli proved once again that he deserved the world cup call by scoring 100 against Bangladesh (Click here to read the related story). He was chosen ahead of Suresh Raina, one of the regulars few months ago, because he showed the level of maturity in his game that can only be achieved afters years of experience. Though nobody has yet claimed him as the next Tendulkar, but he is certainly on the making of becoming one of "like Tendulkar" (Here I am comparing him with Tendulkar because I believe Tendulkar is the best batsman of the era. Read the following article).

Virat Kohli has yet to cross more hurdles to show his greatness. He is currently at the platform, where he has te best chance to do that. If he can perform well to help India win the world cup, he will definitely become a legend people will worship for many years.

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