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26 Mar 2011

Celebrating the 50th post

It's a co-incidence that two of the cricket major activities are happening at the same time. Cricket world cup has now entered to the semifinal stages and "Cosmic Cricket" has reached to its 50th post. Yes, we are 50 posts older now. Congratulations!! Cosmic Cricket is still a newbie in a blogging world, with an average of 200 pageviews everyday, but we will continue our journey till we will have your supports.

We love cricket, and that inspires us to write about it. We are not experts, but fans like you all. We extend our views and opinions that we feel right in our perspectives. There might be some errors while sharing the information, and we want our readers to point out our weaknesses and help us to grow. Together, we can make a stage, where we can share our feelings.

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