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4 Mar 2011

Why does Sachin Tendulkar still need to prove that he is the greatest?

Few days ago, I had a good argument with "a guy" in cricinfo facebook page about Sachin Tendulkar. This guy was claiming that "Sachin Tendulkar" was a useless cricketer and the team would win if he failed personally. I don't know if he was just joking there, but that was not the way to treat to a legend.
The first thing is, the statement that team will win when Sachin fails is completely illogical, because the record proves that team won in most of the occasions when Sachin performed well with his bat. Out of his 47 centuries in ODI, India had won 33 times and lost 12 times, and there is one "No Result" and a recent tie against England. The matches that India lost during this innings were those, where other team mates failed to support Tendulkar. Sachin has always played his part well, but a match cannot be won if there is no partnership.

Sachin Tendulkar has seen so many great moments during his 20 years of cricket career. He has been named the greatest batsman of the modern era by so many people, including Sir Don Bradman. His comaparison with Bradman itself talk about his greatness. Sachin Tendulkar has almost every records in his name, but sadly, many people see his achievements as his personal selfishness rather than rewards for his hard work and dedication. To say frankly, it is impossible to play 20 years regularly if he is not playing for country. Records are made on the course of time, and only great players make records. If any player says that he doesn't look for making records while he plays, then he is totally wrong. It's simple phenomenon, if you play good, you will make records. Then why is everyone targeting Sachin Tendulkar?

The only flaw Sachin Tendulkar will have in his exciting career is "not winning the world cup". Sachin Tendulkar came close to win the world cup for his country twice, in 1996 and 2003. He was in charge of batting department in both occasions, and he played exceptionally well to lead his team towards the final destination. But, in both occasions, he could not give his best. It is true that he became weak in pressure because he carried the loads of billion hopes that Indian people had on him. India lost, but why people only see Sachin failure? Why is he not acknowledged for his great efforts to bring India to that stage? It's a team game for god shake. 

I am sorry for Sachin Tendulkar who need to prove himself in every difficult test. Why not people ask the same question to Brian Lara, who could not win a world cup for his team either? But, I don't see people having any problem with his greatness like they have with Tendulkar. I say, these great legends, especially Sachin Tendulkar deserve for respect from all the cricket lovers. Salute to great Sachin Tendulkar.

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