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26 Mar 2011

Head-to-Head: India Vs Pakistan in Cricket World Cup

India and Pakistan will once again meet face-to-face in an important stage of the world cup, where the loss is not acceptable. Millions of eyes will be on their "television" sets on 30th March, as fans on both sides hope to see their team to qualify for the final. India and Pakistan have the biggest fan following in the cricket, that's why this clash will be no less than a festival in both nations. One team is destined to end up in sorrow, but, it is hard to say who will end up in the losing side as both teams are evenly poised at this moment.

Historically, India and Pakistan are one of the biggest rivals in the cricket ground. The clash between these two teams becomes more than just a game, and often ignite the issues of pride and respect. India and Pakistan met with each other 119 times, and it is Pakistan who tasted victories in most of the times. Pakistan won 69 matches, while lost only 46 to India. In four occasions, the matches ended up without any result.

This stat suggests the dominance of Pakistan over India in cricket, but, the scenario is completely different when we talk about the world cup. It is surprising to know that Pakistan have never won a match against India at world cup meets. India have won all the four encounters with Pakistan. The table below shows the results of the matches played between them in the world cups.

Pakistan have to overcome India if they wish to accomplish their mission of conquering the world cup. History is against them, but they have come a long way proving themselves in every step, getting stronger with every match. India is the favourite for the cup, as they have the best batting line-up in the world. The middle-order have started to score a run, that would be a good sign for them. Bowling is somewhat a problem for India so far, but this bowling line-up includes players like Zaheer Khan, Munaf Patel and Harbhajan Singh, who are capable to get wickets when in good flow. An interesting war of cricket is waiting ahead, let's see who make it through to the final: Will it be India, or Pakistan?

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