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4 Apr 2011

Best of Women's Cricket

We all fancy cricket a lot, but how many of us actually know anything about women's cricket? I guess only handful of cricket lovers do care about it. But, women do play cricket and as a real cricket fan, we should appreciate their involvement in cricket activity. My attempt in this post is to introduce you with some of the important women cricket stars. Learn about them and improve your cricket IQ.

Most Runs: Test
Janette Brittin: Most test runs
The top run scorer in test cricket has played 27 tests and scored 1935 runs. She has 5 centuries and 11 half-centuries in her name, with 167 being her highest score. She is Janette Brittin of England, the highest runmaker in the test matches.

Most Runs: ODI

Belinda Clark: Most ODI runs
With 4844 runs in 114 innings, an Australian Belinda Clark is at the top of the most runmaker in women's ODI matches. She has made 5 centuries and 30 half-centuries. A trivia: Belinda Clark made the double hundred before Sachin Tendulkar in ODI history. She had scored 229 not out against Denmark in Mumbai in 1997 world cup.

Most Runs: T20
Charlotte Edwards: Most T20 runs

T20 is relatively new format in cricket, but it seems women are enjoying it more than anyone else. Being short and quick, T20 is gaining popularity and more adaptability among women. Charlotte Edwards, an English cricketer, is currently running as the top runmaker in T20 cricket. She has already scored 966 runs from 34 innings with the high score of 76 not out. She averages 32.20 and has 4 half-centuries in her name. She is unquestionably going to be the first women cricketer to score 1000 runs in the T20 as the next closed competitor Shelley Nitschke (Australia) is just on 739 total runs.

Most Wickets: Test

Mary Duggan: Most test wickets
If T20 is becoming popular among women, test is losing its charm at the same time. It is surprising to know that the most wickets taken by women cricketer is a lady who died 38 years ago. Mary Duggan from England took 77 wickets in 27 innings and stood as the top wicket takers in test cricket.

Most Wickets: ODI
Cathryn Fitzpatrick:Most ODI wickets 

Cathryn Fitzpatrick from Australia is the top wicket taker in women's ODI history. This lady has 180 wickets in 109 matches. She took 5 wickets four times and 4 wickets seven times in ODI matches, 5/14 being her best figure.

Most Wickets: T20
Anisa Mohammed: Most T20 wickets

West Indian women have something in their name, and it is the title of the most wicket taking player in T20. Anisa Mohammed took 38 wickets in 21 matches to become the women cricketer at the top of the list. She is actually on tie with Australian Shelley Nitschke, just winning by the number of innings as Nitschke has taken those wickets in 31 innings. Note: Nitschke is also the second most runmaker in the T20 matches. 

Other Achievements

Highest Score
Kiran Baluch (Pakistan)
242 vs West Indies (2004)
Belinda Clark
229* vs Denmark (1997)
Shandre Fritz 
(South Africa)
116* vs Netherlands (2010)

Most Wickets (In an inning)


Neetu David (India)
8/53 vs England (1995)
Sajjida Shah (Pakistan)
7/4 vs Japan (2003)
Amy Satterthwaite (New Zealand)
6/17 vs England (2007)

Applauds to all these achievers. Women are making us proud. We want more women to participate in cricket, because cricket is a global sport.

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