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29 Apr 2011

Cricketer's Wedding

It's a moment of huge celebration in the whole UK as the most beloved person Prince William ties the knot with Catherine Middleton today. A big mass of British population step out on the road to see the Royal couple and shower them with faithful blessings. It is indeed very colourful day here in London.

Williams and Catherine are starting a debut inning of their married life. Both are new in the crease, but are well determined to face any personal and political bouncers. I hope they will make a good long term partnership and keep many new records. Cosmic Cricket wishes them a "HAPPY MARRIED LIFE".

Now let's divert back to cricket. When whole world is getting crazy about the Royal Wedding, I become more interested in our cricketer's own wedding moments. Here are some pictures of our favourite cricketers and their life partners from the most precious seconds of their life.

1) Sachin Tendulkar and Anjali

A black and white photo of Sachin Tendulkar marrying to beautiful Anjali on 25 May, 1995 captures well the beautiful memory from the past. Being wife of a man who is liked by billions people is itself a big responsibility and Anjali is living this life nicely. 


2) Mahela Jaywardene and Christina Mallika Sirisena

Sri Lanka's Mr. Dependant Mahela Jayawerdene was married to adorable Christina Mallika Sirisena. They are truly the match made in heaven, aren't they?

3) Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Shakshi Rawat

Indian heartthrob captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni tied the auspicious knot with his school time friend Shakshi Rawat on 4th July, 2010. The lady luck seems to work for Dhoni as he won the prestigious cricket world cup this year. 

4) Andrew Flintoff and Rachel

England's ashes hero Andrew Flintoff is living a wonderful post cricket life with his wife Rachel. The couple got married on 5 March, 2005.

5) Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza 

Cricket and Tennis became one when Pakistani cricket star Shoaib Malik got married to beautiful and bubbly Indian Tennis player Sania Mirza on 13 April, 2010. They set an example as the two nations do not have good political and emotional relationship.

6) Virender Sehwag and Aarti

Viru and Aarti decided to be together on April 2004. Here are some of the photos of the wedding, where Virender Sehwag's smile revealed how happy he was. 

7) Glenn McGrath and Jane

And finally, the precious moments from Glenn McGrath wedding with lovely Jane. Unfortunately, she left this world early, but she is always alive in these pictures.

Here we come to the end of this post. I know I have left the wedding moments of many other cricketers. Actually, this list is so long that we can't include everything in a single post. I promise to write more post like this in the near future. I hope you like this post, please like them and share in your facebook and twitter page.

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