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5 Apr 2011

Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara retires: a tweet from NDTV

 Today, I received a tweet from @ndtv, which was quite misleading. NDTV tweets:

Sangakkara steps down as Sri Lankan captain, retires from ODI & T20. Angelo Matthews or Dilshan likely to replace Sangakkara as captain.
I was shocked with this tweet. Why on earth he decided to retire from ODI and T20? He is running at the top form, and his sudden decision of retiring is beyond my level of understanding. I would not have amazed if Sachin Tendulkar or Ricky Ponting had announced his retirement. I had a doubt, so I tried to search the related stories over Internet. And to my relief, he had just announced stepping down of captaincy from ODI and T20, not retiring.

I know Indian news media are popular of making news bigger than it really is, and I have always questioned on the reliability of such news. But, this one really took me with surprise. Sangakkara will be the temporary captain for the test side though.

According to Sangakkara, it would be in best interest of Sri Lankan Cricket to have a new leader, who could lead the team in 2015 world cup. According to his logic, he would be 37 years old by 2015, and could not be sure of securing his position in team. He might have foreseen his future by now, but I could not understand why he is skeptical about his career at 37. The type of player he is, I reckon he will still be in top-notch at that time, just like Sachin Tendulkar. Now as he has already decided, I will only wish to see him in action for some more years, because he is one of the best players cricket has produced in recent times.

Note: It seems captaincy is something Sangakkara could not withstand for long. He will be featured as the new "Deccan Chargers" captain in upcoming IPL 2011.

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