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25 Jun 2011

Graeme Swann's new video: He can spin your bottle off.

The video that you are going to watch in this post will give you some presumptions of what Graeme Swann is upto for the upcoming England-India series. He is ready to take any challenge that comes ahead of him, and he proves it in this video.

This video was taken after the photoshoot of Graeme Swann at Rose Bowl. The English spinner is the new ambassador for Kingfisher, the popular corporate name that is sponsoring India's tour of England this summer. Swann was challenged to knock the bottle's top off a kingfisher beer and he readily accepted it. A gut that defines the positive approach of English cricketers towards the upcoming challenge. And know what, he did it. Okay, he made it in the second chance, but that still shows how accurate he is in his bowling. 

A message to India: Guys, it's not going to be a piece of cake's tour to England and you know it. It never was but this time, it's more difficult. As India's No. 1 world ranking is in stake this summer, the team should also be worried about this one man, who is capable of spin their bottles off. He won't give you a second chance. 

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