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28 Jul 2011

"Cricketliveguide": An example of poor journalism

While blogging has given everyone a freedom of speech, it has also promoted an unethical journalism practice. By unethical journalism, I mean creating a news out of baseless and wrong information. Such an example is set by "Cricketliveguide", a cricket blog (or website), when it published the news about Nepal U19 cricket on 9th July, 2011. See the screenshot below:

I have highlighted the parts which I want to talk about. The cricket web portal "cricketliveguide" says "Nepal picked 14 Indian players". That took me with surprise. I could not believe my eyes and initially thought it might be a typing mistake, but when I saw the same information in the later part of the post, I was confirmed that writer wrote that intentionally. Now I want to ask Mr. Bowman Michael, the editor of the website and the writer himself, on what basis he gave such statement? The whole Nepalese cricket fans know that Nepal has its homegrown products in cricket. Nepal doesn't buy players from other countries like most of other nations do. I can say this confidently because I know most of the U19 players who are currently participating in the world cup qualifier in Ireland. If he has the proof of what he is saying, why didn't he disclose that with the post?

Being a blogger myself, I thought of asking the explanation from the author himself  before taking further action. I left comment in this post, which is still waiting to be approved. 

 I came to know that many other Nepalese fans also left comments in this post, but the comment box is still empty, which means the moderator has either deleted all the comments, or no one is there to moderate at all.  Reckoning the second option could be true, I decided to send a direct mail to the editor. Here is what I wrote to them. 

Dear editor:

I would like to grab your attention towards a post entitled "U-19 World Cup Qualifiers: Nepal picked 14 Indian Cricketers", which is completely a false information. I am a cricket blogger myself and I think this article has been written without any base. As I have discovered that it was written by the editor himself, the issue becomes more critical. Moreover, the website has not considered correcting the mistakes even after knowing the truth. I humbly request you to change the post as none of the players in Nepal u19 team is Indian. If you think I am wrong, please provide the proof regarding it. I hope you will look after this matter as it is hurting the ego of all Nepalese cricket fans. Thank you
Sincerely,Sujan Uday @
I wrote the email on the 26th June and am still waiting for the reply. May be the editor seems to be too busy or he feels it not necessary to respond. He is unaware how serious this matter is. By writing such post, he is polluting the image of Nepal cricket in the international arena. I wouldn't have bothered to write a post if Nepal actually has any Indian player, but it is not true. If the author thinks I am wrong, he can challenge me with the necessary evidences. Otherwise I want him to change the information or discard the whole post. Now, I am waiting for the reply for my post. 

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