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6 May 2011

Is batting affecting the future of bowling? -A view from Indian fan

This is a guest article from our friend Kirubakaran Kalai, who is an admin of very popular Facebook group on cricket, "Facebook Cricket Council (F.C.C.)". The group already has 3517 members of like-minded cricket fans from all around the world in very short period of time.  

"In India, Cricket is treated as religion. Most of the people of India believe that "CRICKET IS RELIGION AND SACHIN IS GOD"... most of the people of India got and still getting inspired by SACHIN TENDULKARMost of them keep SACHIN as their role model ..Sachin is one of the main reasons why India has got many batting stars. Still there are many talented batsmen, but unfortunately, we haven't seen them on television.........

What if everyone wants to become SACHIN TENDULKAR??? Sure none of them will bother about bowling. THIS is one of the reasons why BOWLERS are very few  in India . Even in gully cricket, all the players wait for their chance to bat only and many don't even want to bowl ....

Almost everyone in India have little expertise in batting. In the present situation, India really don't need a batsman..what India really needs is bowler with good talent and skills.

Can our selectors find some new bowlers with  good skills and talent????"

A very emotional piece of article on the current situation of Indian cricket. No doubt, the ever growing popularity of Sachin Tendulkar attracts many people to cricket, and they dream to become just like him- a star batsman. Not only in India, but cricket enthusiasts all around the globe take the little master as their role model and practise cricket with him on their mind. Batting has become a fashionable icon in cricket, and young cricketers often ditch the thought of being a bowler despite having immense talent to become one of the best. That's the reason why India could not produce the best talent that opponent batsmen would fear of. Except Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh, none of the other bowlers could actually be the matter of worries for the opponents. 

Cricket requires to have balance in both batting and bowling to be in equilibrium. No way it can be popular by focusing only in one aspect. No body wants to see batsman scoring against dull bowling. For the welfare of cricket, it is the time to think hard about the bowling side of the cricket. 

So, what do you think? Does India have enough "bowling weapons" in their armour to face the future challenge as a World Champion? If not, isn't it the right time for the Indian selectors to consider strengthening their bowling   

Kirubakaran Kalai is one of the biggest fans of cricket. If you want to get connected to him or anyone who loves cricket like you, you can join his group on FACEBOOK CRICKET COUNCIL (F.C.C.) 

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