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27 Jan 2011

It's your final chance: Teams clashing for pride and position to WCL 2

Image Courtesy: espncricinfo

World Cricket League (WCL) 3 has been quite unpredictable so far. There are many twists and turns, unexpected loses and closed victories. Papua New Guinea sees itself through to next division with consistent wins and is the only team
that does not lost a single match so far. All other teams are still in the race, so it is quite difficult to say which lucky side will join PNG to the next round.

For USA, road to final was pretty easy in the last two division leagues (Div 5 and Div 4), but for the first time, Americans will feel the heat of uncertainty of being qualified. They should win their match against Italy at any cost, but should also have to increase the run rate. At the same time, they should pray that Oman lost the match to Denmark. Though Denmark is proved to be the weakest team out of 6, it has dramatically won its match against USA. Win for Denmark may not help them to qualify for the next round, as the asking run rate is quite impossible to achieve.

Like America, Italy should also be eyeing for victory. Italy has better run rate than both Oman and America. The win must put it ahead of the Americans at the point table. Italy will expect to be ahead of Oman if by any chance, Denmark pulls out the victory.

Here we can not forget Hong Kong, that is enjoying the higher run rate than any other teams (except PNG). But the problem for Hong Kong is to secure victory against the unbeatable PNG. And looking at the form of PNG, Hong Kong would find it very difficult to conquer the fort.

So, in conclusion, each team is interdependant to each other for qualification. Ones loss is another ones gain. The final round will be very interesting. Best of luck to all the teams.

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